Having A Gym in Your Office Can Boost Productivity

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According to a study conducted by the Society For Human Resource Management, 70% of employees stated wellness programs as a key factor in overall job satisfaction. With long work hours and stress taking a toll on employees, it’s time for organizations to care for their well-being.

One of the ways to achieve it would be to invest in a commercial gym.

Let us look at how having a gym in your office can boost productivity.

1) Reduced Stress

One of the primary reasons for less productivity at work is high-stress levels. Regular aerobic exercise will not only drastically cut down stress but also help facilitate the release of feel-good hormones. It will help employees have a clearer, happy and calmer frame of mind which is crucial for tackling challenges at work



2) Reduced Absenteeism

By opening a fitness center in your office, you will be providing your employees with an opportunity to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Such a lifestyle plays a huge role in boosting the immunity of an individual. Healthy employees are less likely to fall sick and are more likely to show up to work regularly.



3) Team Building

A fitness center can foster teamwork and help create professional relationships within your organization. This is because employees from numerous groups and departments can meet and interact with each other. This is vital in building a well-knit workforce and creating strong internal relationships.



4) Increased Brain Power

Studies conducted by Harvard Medical School state that exercising boosts memory and improves thinking skills. A fitness center in the organization will provide your employees with the opportunity to workout regularly which, in turn, will help boost their problem-solving skills and overall performance.



5) Happier Employees

As mentioned above, exercising helps facilitate the release of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and endorphins. Your employees are more likely to be productive if they are feeling positive and happy.




6) Higher Job Satisfaction

With fitness and productivity going hand in hand, employees can enjoy the benefits of being stress-free and healthy. This accompanied by a positive work culture can tremendously boost job satisfaction levels of employees.



7) Lower Employee Turnover

Setting up a commercial gym is one of the effective ways to ensure that employee retention is high. The healthier and happier the employees, the more likely they are to stay committed to their organizations.


Investing in an onsite fitness facility can greatly enhance work culture and have a major impact on the productivity of employees. What’s more, by showing your employees that you care about their fitness, they will be more committed to the growth of your organization.

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