Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Gym-Part 2

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In one of our previous blog, we covered the base-line on the Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Setting Up a Gym from research, location selection, competition, investment and marketing we would like to cover some more significant factors that can play an important role in setting up a fitness facility

Although setting up a gym may not be that easy, it can be extremely rewarding if you’re willing to put in the hard work. Here are some handy tips that will help you set up your fitness venture successfully.

1) Business permits and licenses.

Like most businesses, gym owners must make sure they register their business and adhere to all regulatory laws right from business licenses that comply with other regulatory laws, building permits, taxation, etc. Initially, it is wise to consider hiring on an individual on contract basis, this will help reduce the burden of employment regulatory costs like payroll taxes and insurance benefits in-case of injuries and accidents that are common in fitness facilities. Investing in some form of business insurance could also help protect the venture in an emergency.

2) Staff

It is essential to create an environment that is organized for both customers and employees. Though India is lacking in the Gym’s Accreditation aspect as compared to global nations, it is essential that you only hire trainers’ that are certified to ensure the success of your gym. The trainer’s certification is your industry experience and will reflect your competence and abilities in the fitness space. This will also instils a level of trust in people who wish to join the gym, especially in those who are looking for a personal trainer to guide them and work towards their fitness goals. A gym requires an enthusiastic team that will continually strive to provide a good experience to the member. This team includes fitness trainers, suppliers, accountants, salesperson receptionist, etc.

3) Housekeeping


Gym space is an area of wellness. To maintain cleanliness, you need to hire housekeeping staff that will help you run your gym facility smoothly on daily basis. Research states that if a gym was perceived to be unclean, customer satisfaction ratings would fall from 83% to 43% and retention rates would fall from 90% to 52%. A clean and hygienic gym will provide customers a good experience that will in turn attract new members.


4) Right Fitness Equipment 

Once you have selected your gym’s services, it’s of utmost importance to determine the safety of your clients by installing the right fitness equipment in the gym. Important factors like cost, hi-tech innovation and equipment maintenance, play an integral role in selecting the right kind of fitness equipment.

Weight machines, treadmills, cross fit, free weights, weight benches and mats are some of the most essential components at any gym which should be of utmost high quality.

5) Promotions and a discount campaign 

To ensure maximum participation from the nearby residents, corporates or other potential consumers strategize and run campaigns. Prior to the launch day, create a buzz with luring offers to promote your venture. Promote fitness drills, cross fit, zumba, yoga workshops, etc. this will help showcase your ability to cater to the different types of fitness regime. Run social media campaigns and contests and as a giveaway offer discounts, customized packages or a discount on their annual membership.


Although the gym business doesn’t require much of hassles, there are certain regulations and points that you need to follow and keep in mind while aiming to start a successful fitness venture. Fitness World combined with years of experience will help you set up your gym at an optimal price point.