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If you are afraid to incorporate running as an exercise in your daily workout activity due to lack of conditioning, then recumbent bikes are for you! These bikes reduce flex in knees and joints and great for those suffering from arthritis. It is also perfect for post-surgery conditioning and post-childbirth. People recovering from a surgery can get back gradually to the exercise routine starting with these bikes.

The recumbent exercise bikes offer efficient, low-impact cardio exercises, while giving support to the back. Featured here are a variety of fitness bikes that have an ergonomic design and comes with easy to adjust pedal straps, different levels of resistances, preset programs, heart monitoring sensors, display feedback and more.

Get a customized workout by setting the speed of the workout and resistance levels that suits your fitness levels. These machines provide a comfortable workout and is quite smooth in operation. Browse through this category and choose the one that complements your needs and preferences! Happy Exercising!