Best Fitness Equipment for Small Apartments

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Whether you have a small apartment or just don’t want large fitness equipment at home, you can still workout with ease using some compact exercise gear! These exercise machines take up the least amount of space and offer versatility in your workouts.

Featured here are some best fitness equipment for a small apartment:

Gym Bar –  This fitness equipment occupies the least space. You can attach it to the wall or door. It can be used to perform exercises such as – chin-ups, crunches, and pull-ups. The best thing about it is – it will not come in the way whenever you walk around. It is also very easy on the pocket and offers little or no maintenance.


Resistance Bands – You can do several exercises like front squats, leg extensions, leg curl and many more with resistance bands. Some bands also come with a door attachment while some do not. Resistance Bands are flexible, fold up easily and can be kept conveniently in your drawer.

Resistance Bands

Gym Ball or Stability Ball – A gym ball can be stored under the table or in a corner of the apartment. It is an excellent equipment for ab exercises. Other exercises that you can perform on a gym ball are –  planks, leg lifts and crunches.

Gym ball

Aerobic StepsAerobic steps are also a great choice for a small apartment. They offer excellent traction on the floor and help burn a lot of calories. They easily fit in any closet, or can be kept  at the corner of the room.

Aerobic Steps

Mini cycle– This is another fitness equipment that is portable and occupies less space.  Mini bikes such as an upright bike offer good cardio workouts. It comes with anti-slip foot pedals.

Upright Bike

Having a fitness equipment doesn’t mean giving up the available floor space in your apartment. Choose from any of these exercise equipment and work out in the comfort of your home, and at a time that suits your schedule!