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Aerobic Step (The Height Adjustable Step System)

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Aerobic Step (The Height Adjustable Step System)

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The adjustable aerobic step provides you with endless possibilities to boost your fitness levels. With easy adjustable levels, this equipment is perfect for home training. Get ready to groove your body back in shape!

The aerobic exercise equipment offers an excellent traction on any floor, making it easy to use. Made of high-density materials, these aerobic steps are designed to withstand heavy weight. Since, they come with easily adjustable levels; you can adjust the height of the steps gradually. The platform features a non-skid and shock-absorbing surface for an injury-free workout. Perfect for beginners and advanced steppers alike, this step system help build strength and agility.

We have a wide variety of aerobic exercise equipment. All our products are economical priced and are backed by excellent after-sales customer service. So select the right piece that suit your need and budget. Get in touch with us to place your order with us today!


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