5 Steps to Create a Functional Training Space for Your Commercial Gym

One of the key elements of retaining and attracting members to your commercial gym is by offering a highly engaging atmosphere and unique training opportunities. One of the ways to go about it is by including a simple functional training space into your facility. Not only will you free up floor space in your gym but you will also create an exciting ambiance within your fitness facility. Let us look at five key steps that will help you attain a functional training space for your commercial gym.

1)  Designate and Clear Space in Your Facility
When it comes to creating a functional training space, you don’t need to create a new room, add walls or remodel your space in order to provide excellent training space for your members. You can begin by first assessing your training space and then deciding where this area could exist. You can look at spaces that are underutilized or crammed with unused equipment?

After deciding on an area, it’s time to assess your current equipment. Often a functional training space only requires you to rearrange existing equipment or remove unused equipment in order to make more space for functional training. You can also swap out workout machines that allow for one-two movements for types of equipment that offer more training options.

2) Determine How Much Space You Need
To determine how much floor space you need to dedicate to functional training, you need to consider a number of variables such as the demand for functional training are in your gym and how large is your facility. A good rule of thumb is to allocate a minimum of 50 square feet of space per person you would like to have working out in the space at a time. For example, if you want to plan for a functional training space of 500 square feet, expect to have a class of 10 people training at a time.

3) Set a Functional Training Tone
You can transform your training area in a unique and exciting space by incorporating a couple of key elements. You can consider adding distinct gym flooring, mirrors, and motivational pictures or signage on the walls to set the tone. Even though they might seem like minor changes, these elements will help create a performance like training feel and distinguish your training space from the traditional areas of your gym facility.

4) Opt. for the Right Types of Equipment
With the right type of fitness equipment, your customers will be more engaged with your fitness program and will keep coming back for more. Aim to provide high-quality equipment that offers a wide variety of functionality and are intuitive to your customers. Below is a list of that take up minimal space with the added benefit of providing endless training options.

5) Utilize a Functional Storage and Suspension System
To incorporate a functional training space into your existing gym facility, you need to have an organized space by knowing how to store various tools and fitness equipment. An excellent way to not make your training space feel cluttered and messy is to ensure that equipment such as medicine balls, combat bags, kettlebells and other smaller pieces of equipment are placed in a functional storage and suspension system. To make more space for functional training and other equipment, opt for a sleek wall-lining system. You can create a more open feel in your training space which will help promote functional training.

Creating a functional training space in your facility is attainable and most of all necessary. It will be beneficial for your members and will help you run a successful gym business. If you are looking for expert guidance to help design your training space, contact Fitness World, the largest fitness equipment company in India.

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