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Kettlebell (In Kg)

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Kettlebell (In Kg)

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Work out with this Kettlebell from Fitness World to increase the strength of your muscles and enhance agility. When you swing the kettlebells in different motions, they boost the metabolic rate of the body, which means your body burns more calories.

This equipment is made of high-quality material and free of any surface defects. The kettlebell features a well-proportionate metallic handle to ensure your grip does not squeeze in the narrow space. The flat bottom design makes it easy to keep flat on the ground. And no matter how well you use it, this kettlebell will last long.

The kettlebell India version is available in varying weight categories (kg) as every fitness enthusiast has a different level of endurance. We are confident that you will observe a significant rise in your fitness levels after performing exercises using these tools.

Fitness World offers the finest range of Kettlebells. Order one today and incorporate it in your daily workout routine to achieve all your health and fitness goals!


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