4 Reasons to Invest in a Rower for Your Home Gym

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Home gym fitness machines are gaining immense popularity, especially during the COVID pandemic. People are starting to realize the importance of working out and are investing in equipment that can achieve their fitness goals without paying for an expensive gym membership.

One such fitness machine that offers an efficient, low-impact workout and can tone your body is the Rower. Must-have equipment for your home gym, the Rower is versatile fitness equipment that mimics the motion of rowing a boat. Depending on the type, a Rower uses water, magnetic resistance, or air as a resistance mechanism.

In the fitness industry, rowing is one of the fastest-growing trends and is perfectly suited for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and veterans.

Let us look at four reasons why you should invest in a rower and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals during the pandemic.

1) Rowing Offers a Low-Impact Workout
What makes the rower a great fitness equipment for users of different ability levels is that it offers a low-impact workout. This also makes it ideal for people who have gone through knee or joint injuries and are returning for a workout.

What makes the rower stand out from other fitness equipment is that even though it offers a low-impact workout it can still help you burn calories at a high rate. An hour of workout can help you burn 400-500 calories.

2) Extreme Versatility
Rowing machines are known for providing versatile workouts. It can be used for endurance or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. You can also significantly improve aerobic fitness, which directly benefits your lungs, heart, and overall health. Also, due to the resistance of the rowing machine and the use of your legs, you can build your core muscles, boost endurance and improve lower body strength.

3) It’s a Total-Body Workout
Did you know that a rowing machine uses about 85% of your complete body muscles? Whereas, other cardio workouts like cycling, running, and walking mostly focus on the lower body.

Rowing can provide a complete body workout. In fact, in the rowing motion, you use about 10% of your upper body, 30% of your core muscles, and 60% of your lower body. Also, by increasing the resistance, you can increase your intensity and switch up your workout style. You can control the intensity by how you drive the stroke and changing the cadence of the strokes per minute.

4) Rowing Improves Posture
Rowing can improve your posture by strengthening your posterior chain and cores. However, the technique and movement is a vital component to keep the cores and upper back engaged. You also need to be aware of your spinal alignment during strokes, keeping your back arched upwards. By doing so, your rower can provide great postural benefits.

In conclusion, the Rower is an exceptional fitness machine that can strengthen your muscles, tone your body, reduce weight and boost overall fitness. If you are looking for a high-quality rower for your home gym, then we recommend the FITNESS WORLD BRAVO and the WaterRower

It has the following specifications:

● Aluminum glide rails
● Designed seat for extra comfort
● LCD readouts: Time, strokes per minute, calories, distance
● Magnetic tension control: 8 Levels
● Adjustable meter
● Broad foot pedals with adjustable stripes

If you have any more queries regarding the FITNESS WORLD BRAVO or the WATER Rower or you are looking for other types of durable fitness machines for your home gym, then connect with us today. Our experts will help you through every step of the way!