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  • Aluminium Glide Rails
  • Display Readouts ( LCD) : Time, Distance, Calories,Strokes per minute
  • Meter Adjustable at any comfort height as per user
  • Broad foot pedals for comfort with Adjustable stripes
  • Designed Seat for user comfort
  • Magnetic Tension Control : 8 Levels

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The all-new Fitness World Bravo Rowing Machine will start delivering immediate results when you will start working out on it routinely. This machine targets major muscle groups in your body making them lean and strong. Develop your upper as well as the lower body with these great, innovative machines.

Rowing machines are also an effective way to increase your heart rate and oxygen intake. Effective to get your heart pumping and lungs working, this machine is good at burning calories. You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour! That’s certainly more efficient than most gym machines available in the market.

Besides developing your upper body muscles, the Fitness World Bravo Rowing Machine will also assist you in developing your lower body.

The motion of rowing is natural and creates a low impact. A proper posture will let your legs do the work while allowing your back to rest. If want to get a serious aerobic workout, a rowing machine is the one you can count on!


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