Spin Bikes

The exercise cycles offer the same level of workout to your body, which you would get from cycling outdoors on a road racing bike. These bikes are simple to operate and are just the right solution if you want to lose weight and achieve an optimum level of fitness simultaneously.

We at Fitness World are delighted to offer a range of spin bikes that are a great combination of aesthetic design and innovative features. Each model has a different specification. By comparing the models, you would get an idea, which equipment will suit your fitness facility perfectly.

All our spin bike models come outfitted with comfort features such as hand grips, adjustable, cushioned seats, aluminium pedals and wheels for easy transportation.

Spin bikes can be used by individuals of any fitness levels. Professional bikers can pedal on them to enhance their stamina and push their body to new limits, gym members can exercise on these bikes to achieve a well-toned ab and a lower body.

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