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Spiner BMX PRO (Yellow)

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Spiner BMX PRO (Yellow)

Product Specifications

  • Drive System: Manual
  • Resistance Type: Adjustable Wheel Clamp
  • Handle Bar: Vertically  Adjustable
  • Seat: Designed for Maximum Comfort with Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
  • Fly Wheel: 23 KG Heavy Duty Flywheel for Smooth Motion & Realistic Pedalling
  • Transmission Mode: Super Silent Operation & Minimal Maintenance due to Poly V-Belt
  • Crank: 2 Piece, 17cm Length, Heavy Duty

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The spiner cycle is one of those fitness machines that give the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Perfect for individuals looking to tone up muscles and lose weight, this Spiner BMX PRO Exercise Bike is available online at Fitness World.

The equipment is facilitated with high-performance 23 kg heavy duty flywheel for smooth motion & realistic pedaling. It includes vertical adjustable handlebars, adjustable wheel clamp, an emergency stop lever, a bottle holder and wheels for easy transportation. This machine provides an overall workout for the lower body and upper body.

This commercial spiner bmx pro exercise cycle is widely appreciated by our customers for its features such as rugged construction, long life and optimized effectiveness. If you are looking for a high-quality, commercial fitness machine, then opt for this awesome bike. It will help make a statement to your gym members that you are serious about the gym and your fitness.

Additional Features

  • Emergency Stop Lever: YES
  • Sports Design Seat: YES
  • Floor Levellers: YES
  • Aluminium Pedals with Adjustable Straps:YES
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation: YES
  • Bottle Holder: YES
  • Sports Design Handle: YES



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