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Fitness World’s K-series includes a phenomenal range of fitness equipment for toning and developing upper and lower body strength and muscles.  This versatile line of commercial fitness equipment is further segmented into two series – K-load series and K-one Series.  The K-series is a commercial range that includes a variety of exercise machines such as a Chest Press, Pull Down, Row, Shoulder Press and 45 Degree Press, Abdominal Crunch, Leg Curls, Leg extension, Chin dip, Rear Delt/ Pec fly etc. which are great to have in your gym.

Each of these machines offers converging movements either for arms and legs for a natural muscle motion path. These machines have a heavy-duty metal frame for lasting durability while the seats have extra padding for maximum comfort. The low-profile towers ensure optimum positioning, control, and effectiveness of the exercisers while the ergonomic design promises the smoothest operation, allowing users to work through a full contraction and extension.

This versatile line features a clean look and provides reliable and effective performance for fitness facilities and exercisers. Once you buy a gym equipment from Fitness World, we ensure free delivery of the equipment to your doorstep, install machines at your facility and support you with AMC (annual maintenance contract)!

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