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Core Training Machines

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Fitness World takes pride in presenting Body Solid’s innovative Cam Series range that offers a completely new approach to core training.

The innovative equipment combines the best of dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, and sharp precision movements. Make your pick from – Ab Back Machine, Degree Hyperextension, Pro-Style Ab Board, Vertical Knee Raise/Dip/Push-up/Chin Machine, Vertical Knee Raise & Dip Machine to outfit your home gym or fitness facility and revolutionize the way you train.

Each of these machines is ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing. The extremity movements enhance muscle activation and efficiency. The full-range Back Machine allows users an additional 26 adjustments to increase and control their range of motion. Check out the professional Roman Chair/Back Hyperextension and Vertical Knee Raise/Dip/Push-up/Chin Machine, ultimate fitness equipment trusted by millions of athletes worldwide.

Contact Fitness World today to outfit your sports center, gym, office, or educational institution with a cutting-edge core-training machine!