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Upper Body Machines

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Upper body machines are basically designed to improve the strength of major muscles of the upper body. They are a convenient alternative to traditional upper body workout methods that incorporate the use of weight lifts.

Fitness World has partnered with a major international brand – Body Solid to provide versatile and performance oriented strength training equipment to users and gym owners. These machines offer targeted resistance to muscles – including biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back, even the hard-to-reach muscles.

Looking for a workout machine that can isolate the biceps for maximum concentration and development? The Preacher Curl Bench can’t be a beat. Set to a 30-degree angle, the machine offers maximum stretch and full-range of motion while eliminating stress on joints and shoulders. Other machines in this series – Seated Row Machine, Preacher Curl Bench, and Dip Station are equally engineered to provide effective upper body exercises.

Explore the broadest and unique range of the upper body workout machines featured here and outfit your fitness facility with an equipment that will motivate your members to – unlock their potential and – achieve their fitness goals!