Why Choose the Steelflex Series?

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We are delighted to add one more brand – Steelflex, a reputable name in cardio and fitness equipment to our growing portfolio of fitness range! ‘Simple is the best’ is what the brand’s motto has been. Every Steelflex equipment is designed keeping comfort, safety, and people’s natural movement in mind.

Here’s a look at the Steelflex range available for you to buy at Fitness World and move towards your goal of becoming a fitter version of yourself:

Cardio range: The Steelflex cardio range is a group of powerful and well-constructed machines made to fulfill your cardio needs. Let’s take a look at them in detail:-

  1. Treadmill (SF-PT20)

The Treadmill (SF-PT20) is manufactured keeping in mind the user’s convenience. It is easy to operate with the ‘one touch’ user control. The 6-point, 3-level rated anti-shock system ensures low impact on knees and ankles and greater user comfort.

  1. Elliptical (PESG)

The Elliptical (PESG) has a 7 window LED display with 8 programs namely; Manual, Cardio, Interval, Fat Burn, Training, HRC, Custom 1 and Customer 2.

  1. Stepper (PST10)

This full commercial grade Stepper is designed for use at gym or a studio. The PST10 offers a wide range of workout options with 16 resistance levels and 9 programs.

  1. Recumbent Bike (PR10)

The Recumbent Bike (PR10) is a commercial step through bike that features a display with Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Level, Speed, Watt and RPM with 30 Resistance Levels.

  1. Indoor Cycling Bike (CS1)

The Indoor Cycling Bike (CS1) features a micro-adjustable aluminum seat and non-slip handlebar posts with Up / Down and Fore / Aft adjustments. It includes pedals with toe cages and straps.

  1. Upright Bike (PB10)

The Upright Bike (PB10) is built in with 8 programs namely; Manual, Cardio, Interval, Fat Burn, Training, HRC, Custom 1 and Customer 2 with an ECB resistance system. The pedals are self-balancing with easily adjustable straps.

Mega Power series: The Mega Power Series provides a number of workout equipment like Ab Crunch machine, Back Extension machine, Lateral Raise Machine, Leg Press Machine, Seated Row and more  designed for a user’s requirement and comfort.

These machines feature an ergonomic design to ensure users achieve their exercise goals safely. Besides, the high quality powder coating on the frames increases the durability and the usage life of the products.

Plate loaded series: The Plate loaded series offers a complete choice of products including the Bench Press Machine, the Biceps Curl Machine, the Chest Incline Press Machine, the Hack press Machine and many more. These are designed to be durable, user friendly and are made from high quality material to give complete comfort and best workout to the users.

The Steelflex range is now available to buy at Fitness World. For enquiries, call 0120 4509000 or email at info@fitness-world.in!