5 Assured Ways to Level up Your Motivation Meter

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Keeping yourself fit and healthy has always been on your list. You come out with an exercise and diet plan and vow to follow it no matter what. But after a few days, the excitement wears out, sheer out of laziness,  or due to busy schedules or priorities. Some promise themselves to get back on the track after a short hiatus. But this so-called short hiatus only extend with time and your goals of becoming fit and healthy again go in the backburner. Yes, this is what happens to most people.

Though, there can be a number of reasons for not being able to keep up with the workout schedule. All these reasons trace down to one conclusion that is lack of motivation. If our motivation level is high enough, we can prioritize exercising and include it in our schedule. Let us see how we can keep our motivation levels high.

1)    Have Fun:

It is human to get bored with the same routine. Choose a fun way of working out by selecting something that you look forward to. We psychologically tend to avoid things that don’t excite us. If we choose the kind of workout that is fun for us, we will voluntarily fit it in our schedule.

2)    Grab Every Chance:

Take advantage of every opportunity you get to burn those extra calories. Walk to that grocery store instead of driving. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. If possible, opt for cycling and ditch your car. These baby steps will help you achieve health and fitness goals. They lead to visible results which further fuel up our motivation.

3)    Prepare a schedule:

Prepare a timetable for your daily routine and stick to it. When we prepare a schedule, we make a commitment that keeps us tied up. Follow the routine and keep the timing of your workout consistent. This way you do not lose your focus and are bound by it.

4)    Bribe yourself

Our temptations make us do a lot of things. Here the idea is to reward ourselves after achieving a certain target. This helps us work towards our goal with more interest and dedication. The bribe can be a small cheat-treat, a new dress you were eying on, or simply anything that lures you.

5)    Note your progress

Anything on record has more relevance and is anytime more effective. When we jot down our accomplishments, we plan to go with the routine in continuity. Making note of your workout and the post-weight loss progress makes us feel good about ourselves.

We at Fitness World, commit to a healthier and fitter future for the world. Follow these tips that will keep you motivated and amaze yourself with the after-results!