What to Do When You Hit a Fitness Plateau!

So, it’s been two months or more that you joined the gym. The initial results were just fabulous, you lost a couple of inches, look toned, and started working out with the same zest to lose some more weight. But alas! Despite increasing the workout intensity, you are not seeing any more progress…you are not able to reach your weight-loss goal. What does it mean? It means that you have hit a fitness plateau!

Whenever you work towards a weight-loss goal, you will notice the progress initially and then the things start to slow down. But there’s nothing to worry about it because you are not alone to experience this, and it can be fixed!

Discussed below are 5 tips which you can follow to break the fitness plateau and gain the weight loss motivation you need:

Add intensity to your workouts:

If you have been working out at the same pace for a while now, then it’s time to boost your workout intensity. Go heavier with a few reps as well. Chuck that long slow run or walk with a run on treadmills or lunges.

Switch the order of workouts:

Change the order of exercises to tire muscles at different times. If you have been doing push-ups, try working out on benches or work out using kettlebells. This will help target the same muscles, but in a different way and in varying intensity.

Rest less during the workouts:

Avoid resting for more than 10 seconds between the workouts to maximize the effectiveness. However, when you are lifting weights, wait for three to five minutes before you crank up into another superset. It gives your muscles and nervous system time to recover from the effort of a heavy workout.

Eat more protein:

Include protein-rich food in your diet as it aids in burning more calories digestion. It will also help keep you full longer so that you don’t indulge in unnecessary snacking.

Stop eating out:

Meals we eat at restaurants are loaded with calories and are rarely healthy. Even the salads pack more calories as salad dressings are full of sugar and sodium, enough to hold you back from achieving the weight-loss goals. Try cooking at home as you know what ingredients go into it. What’s more, you can also control the portion size.

To break the plateau, all you need to do is keep pushing yourself, watch your diet, and be consistent with your workouts. Eventually, you will emerge fitter, stronger, mentally and physically balanced, and healthier. Happy Exercising!