The Importance of Adequate Water

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Why is it important to drink water after your workout sessions? The answer is simple – drinking plenty of water will prevent dehydration. Apart from this, there are a range of benefits that you gain if you stay hydrated after exercising. Water helps you to:

1. Regulate the Body TemperatureExercise produces metabolic heat. As your body tends to maintain certain core temperature, the excess of heat will be dissipated in the form of sweat. The loss of water through sweating will negatively impact your aerobic potential and physical work capability.

2. Facilitate Transportation of Oxygen and NutrientsWater, in the form of blood, transports oxygen and nutrients from one part to another. Your body will receive the oxygen for respiration only if you consume sufficient water. The nutrients transported within your body play a major role in muscle tissue repair and muscle growth.

3. Metabolize FatWater has the potential to metabolize excess fat in your body. Drink plenty of water if you wish to burn some calories.

4. Regulate Proteins and EnzymesA high amount of fluid intake will help the proteins and enzymes to function efficiently. In case of inadequate water intake, your body fails to dissolve the supplements that you take thereby causing side effects.

How much water should you drink post workout? The amount of water your body requires is dependent on your weight, the type of workout that you are indulging in, and the climatic conditions of your location. For peak performance during your workout and for better recovery after it, drink at least a gallon – around 5 litres – of water per day.