5 Surprising Fitness Benefits of Power Vibration Machines

If you’ve seen someone using a whole-body vibration machine at your gym, you must have thought to yourself, “how can sitting or standing in one place possibly contribute to my fitness?” If that sounds like you, chances are you’ve never used a power vibrator – and it’s completely understandable why.

In traditional exercises, moving around or lifting something heavy is considered productive for your body. That’s why using a whole-body vibration machine may seem absurd. However, spending even as little as 15 minutes on these machines can have a positive effect on your blood flow, balance, and muscle strength.

Here are some of the benefits of using a whole-body vibration machine:

1. Stronger and Toned Muscles

Any vibration machine will have a platform that vibrates at a certain frequency. Through the platform, energy is transmitted to your body. This forces your muscles to rapidly contract and relax, building your strength.

If you want to make the most of your vibration machine, consider performing dynamic strength exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, etc. on the machine’s platform. The variation applied in different angles enhances the performance of the exercise by activating more muscle fibres. This leads to muscle growth and an increase in the muscle density.

2. Tougher Bones

According to a study by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal, vibration training increases bone mineral density and leg strength. Stronger bones are beneficial to your overall strength and can help you avoid diseases like osteoporosis. This makes vibration training especially useful for the elderly.

3. Increased Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

During traditional exercise, muscles contract 1-2 times in a second as opposed to 30-50 vibrations per second while using a vibration machine. In addition, your body’s range of motion will be much higher as compared to what static stretching can achieve.

When you perform exercises on the vibration plate, your core and hip flexors are engaged to stabilize your body. This makes your body work harder and eventually, the muscles around the joints grow stronger. Over time, you’ll notice that your balance, coordination, posture, and flexibility have improved.

4. Enhanced Immunity and Blood Flow

As your muscles repeatedly contract and relax, the blood circulation in your body increases. Increased blood flow makes sure that your muscles are oxygenated, which speeds up the recovery process and rejuvenates the body. Improvement in blood circulation also leads to faster metabolic waste removal.

Moreover, due to the stimulation of lymph glands, the lymph fluid circulates throughout your body. Consequently, more white blood cells are distributed to every organ, improving the overall immunity.

5. Increased Weight Loss

According to a study by Artesis University College in Antwerp, subjects lost 10.5% of their body weight with dynamic exercises on a vibration machine and a healthy diet over a 6-month period. Vibration training also increases your metabolism that leads to weight loss.

While power vibration machines are beneficial for your fitness, they are not meant to replace anaerobic and strength training workouts. So, use them in tandem with traditional exercises to maximize your fitness efforts. If you’re considering purchasing a whole-body vibration machine for your home or gym, V-10 Power Vibrator is a great option.

Warning: Whole-body vibration is not recommended for some people (like those suffering from cardiovascular conditions). So, make sure that you consult your doctor before adopting this form of workout.