Strength Training Tips for Long-lasting Results

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What’s your fitness goal? Whether it’s to be become bulky or lean, strength training should be a part of your fitness program.

Here are a few tips that would be of help during your strength training program.

1. Warm Up: Warming up your body for 5 to 10 minutes before you begin your strength workouts will improve the elasticity of your muscles, promote blood circulation in your body and help you gain more muscle control. This will get your body ready for extreme physical exertion and avoid the risk of injuries.

2. Keep it Simple: Try not to focus too much on the pace of your repetition (For example, 3 seconds for the up phase and 1 second for the down phase during the weight lifts). Timed repetitions may not allow you to give the right focus to the activity that you are indulging in. Count nothing more than the repetitions during a set, but focus on raising and lowering the weights with great control.

3. Concentrate on Breathing: Exhale on the exertion phase of the workout and inhale on the release phase. Follow the “smell the rose; blow out the candle” rule during your workouts.

4. Increase Weights Slowly: Remember that the slow and steady wins the race. Abandon your ego and start with light weights if you are new to strength training. Gradually increase the weight or resistance to challenge your muscles and gain strength.

5. Balance Your Training: Even if your primary goal is to gain muscle mass, you cannot ignore cardio training. Depending on your goal, the number of cardio training sessions that you require may vary. Incorporating cardiovascular exercises in your strength training program is a healthy practice.

Implementing these tips will help you spend your time more wisely to achieve long-lasting fitness results.