Say Hello to Stronger Glutes with the Hip Abductor Machine

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The Hip Abductor machine is one of the many fitness equipments you will encounter at the gym. Let’s have a closer look at what this machine can do for you and how it can be used.

What’s Hip Abduction?

Hip abduction is where the leg moves away from the mid-body, using backward, forward or sideways movements. You do this movement when you take a side step, get out of bed or step out of a car.

The muscles that allow this action are the hip abductors, a small muscle group located in the outer thighs and around the glutes. Often the forgotten muscles, hip abductors contribute to our ability to stand, walk, and rotate our legs with ease.

Why Exercising Your Hip Abductors Is Important?

Hip abduction exercises will not only help you get a tight and toned backside, but they can also help to prevent and treat pain in the hips and knees. Adductor muscle strain can be debilitating for which hip strengthening muscles are essential for reducing the incidence of adductor-related injuries.

Having weak hip abductorscan impact the entire bio-mechanism functioning of the lower body i.e your knees, ankles, and feet. Exercising the abductor’s muscles helps improve core stability, better coordinate movements and improve general flexibility.

With the help of these hip abduction machines, it becomes possible to specifically work on this muscle group in isolation and strengthen it. Since small muscle groups are more prone to injuries and strain, it’s important to take proper care while exercising these muscles.

What’s great is that the hip abduction exercises can benefit men and women of all ages, especially athletes.

The Hip Abduction Machine

This hip abduction machine consists of two pads that rest on your outer thighs as you sit in the machine. While using the machine, you push your legs against the pads with resistance provided by the weights.

 Some critical points to remember:

  • It is crucial to have adequate support for your back, so make sure to adjust the back pad in the machine as appropriate.
  • Ensure your movements against the resistance are controlled and smooth
  • Keep your feet aligned and in line with your knees.

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