Rower Machine – For an All-Round Fitness on a Single Machine

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Rower machine is the most under rated gym equipment today that everyone forgets to work on. This piece of workout machine deserves so much more credit and space than it actually gets. If you think it does little to lose weight or it works only on the upper body, think again! A Rower machine burns fat faster than you expect, and offers a complete body workout from your shoulders to your calves.


A rower machine is excellent training option to add to your exercise routine. It offers cardiovascular fitness as well as strength training. If want to lose weight, or cross train for some sport, or even rehabilitate from an injury, rower machine offers a complete exercise for your entire body. It strengthens and conditions most of the major muscle groups of the body; the biceps, triceps deltoids, pecs, upper back, abs, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and the calves.




Following are some health benefits of using a rowing machine

Cardiovascular fitness

It offers an excellent aerobic workout. The machine raises your heart rate with both moderate and high intensity workout. It is also capable of monitoring your heart rate with wireless chest strap to help you achieve your intensity goals.

Body conditioning

Rower machine conditions the entire body by working on the upper and the lower back and even the shoulders. As you hold the rower handles for rowing, it makes your hand, its grip and wrists strong.

High impact

Though it may appear as a low-impact exercise machine, it has a high impact on your body. Rowing is an uncomplicated activity that uses natural movement of the body, which the machine makes use of. If you have to compare it with a treadmill or dumbbells, it applies lesser stress to any part of the body still offering maximum benefit to those body parts.

Achieve your fitness goal

Rower machine offers a full range of motion to the body and helps you achieve your upper body, lower body and core muscle fitness. It improves endurance and also decreases stress levels in the body. The American college of Sports Medicine recommends spending at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Spending 30 minutes of rowing session daily will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals. These 30 minutes will typically include; a warm up session, followed by powerful strokes, interval, distant rowing and ending with stretches.

Rowing machine offers an ideal way to get in shape and stay fit. If you intend to purchase a personal equipment, remember there are various models available in the market offering different mechanism, producing different results and available at different prices. Each model offers different resistance; hydraulic resistance, water resistance, air resistance and magnetic resistance.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of rower machine all you need to do is use one in your next gym session or visit your favorite sports shop to check out this wonderful equipment.