Reopening Your Gym? Upgrade it with these 3 Essential Equipment (Part 1)

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As gyms slowly reopen in 2021, you need to prepare your commercial personal training studio for welcoming customers back. One way to go about would be to upgrade your fitness equipment to provide more workout options. This will not only tempt your member to hit the gym but also offer them a much-needed distraction from the pandemic and even lure in new customers.

To help you narrow down what your gym needs, we are bringing you a two-part series that features a list of high-quality equipment that is ideal for your gym. Let us quickly go through them, shall we?

1) Jacobs Ladder


A recent study suggested that rock climbing can have a significant positive impact on overall fitness. The reason being, even a 20-minute climbing session can improve the overall core and body strength. This is where the Jacobs Ladder comes in. Made in the USA, this equipment can provide the same benefits as rock climbing.

This amazing machine can easily simulate ascending different obstacles as one experiences during rick climbing. Also, depending on the resistance level of the climber, your members could experience improvements in core strength, and endurance, making it an effective cardio session.

2) FW Strength Series

The Fitness World Strength Series is an extensive range of supreme quality commercial gym equipment. They are specially designed for commercial gyms and are heavy-duty durable equipment that can precisely target specific muscle groups.

Each piece of equipment in this series can offer dynamic movements with a combination of pulleys and bars. The series covers a range of triceps exercise machines, chest press machines, horizontal leg curl machines, and thigh extension machines. These heavy-duty commercial fitness machines are easy to maintain and can offer gym owners great value for money.


Help your fitness members get motivated to achieve their fitness goals by installing Fitness World’s CrossFit equipment. Our CrossFit equipment is built to help people boost their strength and mobility while enhancing their stability, balance, and muscular coordination.

Our CrossFit machines are designed for people with all fitness levels. They deliver the best results by blending elements of mobility, kettlebells, and weightlifting. Your members can expect fun and motivating workouts. The CrossFit equipment is versatile and can offer full-body workouts. Each piece of equipment is built with heavy-duty materials. We also make sure to stress test the machines for dependability and durability to ensure longevity.

We hope you have gained valuable insights from this blog. Stay tuned for part 2 of the series where we will bring you some more essential equipment for your commercial gym. If you have any more queries, then feel free to connect with Fitness World – India’s largest fitness equipment brand!