Why You Should Consider Investing in a Vertical Climber

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Vertical climbers are one of the least known and most overlooked cardio equipment in the market. Many are familiar with stationary bikes and treadmills, and even though they are incredible fitness machines, the vertical climber can offer more benefits than either of these two pieces of equipment combined.

If you are someone who is planning to purchase a cardio machine, you will benefit from reading about the vertical climber in this blog. You will enjoy knowing that this machine can effectively burn calories and much more.

In this article, we have listed the top benefits of investing in a vertical climber. Let’s quickly run through some of them, shall we?

1) Weight Loss & Calories Burned

One of the best benefits of this machine is how effectively one can start burning calories after few weeks of using it. In fact, many studies have suggested that a vertical climber can help you burn twice as many calories compared to a treadmill.

 2) Low Impact Workouts

Another great benefit of the vertical climber is that it offers a low-impact workout. It has a smooth and quiet gliding mechanism that ensures there is minimal pressure on the elbow joints and knees.

3) Total Body Workout

What separates the vertical climber from the other cardio machines is that it incorporates your lower body, core muscles, and upper body all at once. This is what makes the equipment favorable for burning calories quickly. When all your muscles are involved in the workout, you will be able to lose weight, tone your body, and achieve your fitness goals easily.

4) Cardio Health

Even a 10-minute cardio workout on a vertical climber can get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health. While climbing, this machine utilizes your entire body weight as resistance. But the machine also has built-in additional resistance that can be adjusted based on your workout intensity.

5) Boosts Metabolism

The vertical climber machine can help you boost your endurance and metabolism. The reason being, when you work out on this machine, you end up using all your muscles at once. This also enhances your ability to burn fat quickly.

6) Small Footprint

The vertical climber has only a 2-3 sq foot base. Compared to a treadmill, it’s less space used. This makes a huge difference when you want to save space in your commercial gym or home gym.

 7) Portable & Lightweight Design

Vertical climbers are extremely portable and lightweight. Many weigh not more than 14 kgs and can be transported from one area to another.

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