Free weights and Exercise machines: Both Equally Effective in Building Strength

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Today in most commercial and home gyms, we are faced with two primary choices for strength training:

● Weight Machines – Rower, Multi-gyms, leg curl and extension, spin bikes lat pull-down, cable row, etc.
● Free weights – Kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells.

The question arises, which style of weight training is better?

According to a recent study, both fitness machines and free weights are equally effective in helping you build strength. The reason being, your hormonal and nervous system reacts the same way when your muscles are worked out. In other words, your body can’t differentiate between free weights or weight machines. It just knows which muscles are being worked out.

The workouts might vary a bit, but essentially the results will be pretty much the same. However, if you want to know which would suit you the best and which one of the two you will enjoy regularly, you need to know how weight machines and free weight differ from each other.

To help you make the right decision, we have listed the pros of weight machines and free weights. But before we dive into the pros, let us quickly look at the benefits that strength training can offer you.

● Increased bone density
● Reduced injuries
● Improved strength
● Enhanced endurance
● Faster weight reduction
● Easy to maintain weight
● Improved balance, coordination, and body composition

Pros of Weight Machines
Weight machines from a reputed manufacturer can last you a lifetime and help you achieve all your fitness goals.

● Most weight machines that are designed for home gyms are compact and built in such a way that they can be easily moved. So don’t let the thought of saving space stop you from investing in weight machines.

● If you are interested in focusing on a specific muscle or muscle group, then there are certain machines designed just for that. For instance, if you want to target your calves, quadriceps, upper back, hamstrings, and abs, you can look into rowers. Or, if you want to focus on legs, a leg curl and extension machine is the go-to option.

● Working out with weight machines can be faster as you can easily change loads. This translates to more efficiency and quick workouts.

● For people who are just starting with weight training, machines can be much safer, provided that you read the machine usage instructions or have a trainer around for guidance.

Our Recommendations for Weight Machines

● Stationary Bikes
● Steelflex Strength Series

Pros of Free Weights

● They are less expensive and take up less space. They are a practical option for homes with limited space.
● They are more versatile and can enable you to target almost every muscle with just a few simple pieces of equipment.
● They can help develop better balance and coordination.
● Exercising with free weights mimics the neurological patterns of playing sports.
● They can be used to target smaller muscle groups.

Our Recommendations for Free Weights:


We hope this article has helped you gain some valuable insights on strength training, weight machines, and free weights. We assure you that with the above-mentioned information you can make an appropriate decision and invest wisely in your fitness and health.

If you are still unclear about your decision and need help with choosing the right fitness equipment, then please get in touch with us. Our experts will help you through every step of the way!