5 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball in Your Daily Workout

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An exercise ball is a dynamic and versatile workout tool that you should start including in your workout routine ASAP! You can incorporate the exercise ball in almost all types of workout routines to challenge your body and take your fitness to the next level.

Exercise balls can be somewhat tricky in the beginning. However, as you learn to use them and get your balance right, you will find them to be simple to use and can use them to focus on each muscle group.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start incorporating them into your exercise routine!

1) Strengthens Your Core
You can swap your exercise bench with an exercise ball and perform your core workouts. In fact, almost any exercise that you perform on the bench can be done with an exercise ball. This can make the exercises challenging and more rewarding.

Crunches performed on an exercise ball can boost flexing and activation of abdominal muscles by 24-38% compared to crunches done without the ball.

You can also perform bicep curls, rows, and dumbbell press on exercise balls. As you perform them, you will strengthen your cores. This because you end up using your core muscles for stability while performing these exercises.

2) Improves Your Flexibility
Using an exercise ball during your workouts can significantly improve your flexibility. Even if you don’t use the ball in your workout routine, you can still use it to warm up and stretch your muscles before you start working out. Doing this will mitigate the risk of injury and ensure your muscles and joints will function at their optimum.

3) Improves Your Balance
An exercise ball is also known as a stability ball, and for all the right reasons. Even simply sitting on the ball will engage your stabilizer muscles. When you sit on an exercise ball, you use your abdominal and back muscles to maintain your posture and balance on the ball. By doing this, you will significantly improve your posture, maintain proper alignment and prevent back injuries during workouts.

4) Cardio Burn
Incorporating an exercise ball in your cardio workouts is an excellent way to improve your heart rate. Since exercise balls are lightweight, you can incorporate them in various fast-paced movement workouts to burn calories and get a good cardio workout. From burpees to planks and wood chops, you can use the exercise ball to create fun, upbeat workouts.

5) Assists in Sports Performance
If you are someone who is into sports, then an exercise ball can help you boost your performance immensely. As mentioned above, the exercise ball activates your core structures, strengthens your cores, greatly improves body awareness, posture, coordination, and balance. The culmination of these skills translates into improved fitness, protection from injuries, and enhanced sports performance.

In conclusion, incorporating an exercise ball in your daily workouts can bring you tons of fitness and health benefits. You will improve your balance, enhance your flexibility, relieve back-related issues, and reduce the possibility of workout injuries. In addition, an exercise ball is lightweight, easy to maneuver, soft, and will also be the most fun fitness equipment you have ever use.

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