Is Your Fitness Center Layout Inspiring Enough?

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There’s no doubt that outfitting your fitness facility with the right fitness equipment is of extreme importance. However, if your gym layout is far from inspiring and doesn’t motivate your members, then retaining them on a long-term basis would be a difficult job! What’s more, prospective members usually take a tour of fitness facilities to check out the exerciser experience before joining a gym.

So, if you are considering a layout for your gym, member experience should always be at the forefront!  Featured below are a few things you need to consider when planning a gym layout:

  1. Have separate training areas:

Have a dedicated fitness training unit for cardio, functional training, aerobic etc. Be creative with walkways, flooring, colors and so. You could also go for different colored turfs or flooring styles for different training areas. It will help exercisers identify training spaces easily.

  1. Keep equipment in progressive order:

Keeping fitness equipment in a progressive order helps beginners understand how they should progress with their workout. For instance, in the cardio training area, you could keep treadmills at the start, then elliptical Heidi Elliptical, Torren Elliptical, Recumbent bikes etc. Maintain the same progression for other training areas as well.

  1. Have a pleasant changing room

Well-designed changing rooms equipped with shower cubicles can make members more comfortable and give them the right amount of privacy. A waterlogged shower area or a dirty floor would make users cringe. When planning a new gym, make sure the changing room is warm, welcoming, functional, and clean. Have a changing room in an area where no one can see in the room from outside.

  1. Be thoughtful with the lighting

Optimally deployed lighting systems enhance user experience. The lobby area should be pleasantly lighted while the training area can have bright lights. Changing area can be illuminated by soft, diffused lights.

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