Difference Between A Chest Press Machine and A Bench Press Machine

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Most of us often get confused between a chest press and a bench press machine. Both the equipment target your pectoral muscles, however, that does not mean they are the same.  ‘Bench Press’ is a term that is often referred to exercises that are normally done on a flat or an incline bench. Chest press exercises are performed in a seated position. Apart from that these equipment have several other differences, which are discussed below:

Degree of difficulty

The degree of difficulty is less on a chest press machine as the path of movement of hands is already set by the machine. Whereas a bench press machine requires extra effort to balance the bar and support the weight.


While working out alone, a chest press is safer as it does not require any weight to be held above the body, and chances for injuries are less.  The bench press involves riskier weightlifting movements as the bar is held directly over the chest and neck area. It is recommended to perform bench press exercises under the supervision of a trainer. He or she can stand behind your head to prevent you from losing control of the weights.


A bench press machine is a great fitness equipment for anyone wishing to gain muscle size and strength in the upper body. It involves multiple joints and major muscle groups such as Pectoralis Major, Deltoids, and Triceps Brachii. A chest press machine helps build the pectoral muscles as well as the biceps, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi muscles.

A chest press machine is the perfect  workout equipment for home, whereas a bench press is gym equipment that needs to be operated under the guidance of a trainer. Check out the new EVO series chest press machine offered by Fitness World. To know more about this product, click here