5 Diet Myths That Are Actually Misleading You

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Maintaining a healthy diet is a key consideration when it comes to weight loss. However, certain misconceptions about diet habits prevail in our hearts which are doing more harm than good. Here we have summed up 5 diet myths that are actually misleading you:

  1. Say ‘No to desserts

Several research studies have proven that avoiding desserts altogether can lead to overeating and ends up making you fat. There is no point in saying ‘No’ to desserts totally; one can have it occasionally for a change of taste. Try to opt for healthy desserts such as a low-fat yoghurt, Sheera, or Doodhi Halwa.

  1. Fasting can help you lose weight

Though fasting helps one lose weight faster, it can lead to muscle loss. The initial weight lost during a fast is mostly fluid or “water weight,” not fat. M ost people tend to gain weight when they start eating after fasting. This is because fasting leads to a slower metabolism that in turn causes weight gain.

  1. Eating at night will make you fat

When it comes to weight gain or loss, it is not the time of a day that makes the difference, it’s just what you are consuming in a 24-hour period! Calories consumed at night won’t alter your metabolism or count more than calories consumed during the day. One needs to eat dinner at least three to four hours before going to bed as it provides your body ample time for digestion. Also, the dinner should be your smallest meal of the day.

  1. The less fat you eat, the better

One should not necessarily refrain from fattening foods. Certain fats found in foods like nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, olives, and low-fat dairy are good for you. They can give energy and help rebuild cells. The fats to limit or avoid are saturated and trans fats, found in foods like butter, high-fat dairy, red meat, and processed foods.

  1. Drink more water to lose weight

If you believe that water is a weight loss aid, you are absolutely wrong. Yes, drinking water can prevent you from consuming high-calorie drinks but it doesn’t help you in shedding weight.