What Is the Best Time to Work Out?

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If you often find yourself wondering whether working out in the morning would be beneficial or in the evening, then you are not alone! Fitness enthusiasts, researchers and those who have started working out recently have been trying to figure out the optimal time for working out.   This blog takes a look at pros and cons of working out at different times of the day. Read on:

Morning Workouts: 


Most people prefer working out in the morning due to a variety of reasons – It helps to maintain a regular habit of being physically active. It’s also that time of the day when unexpected things don’t crop up like – phone calls, door bells, people skipping in etc. Running on the treadmill at gym in early hours of morning will boost up your tempo and prepare you for the day ahead.

Research shows that after a long night’s sleep, your body’s reserves of glycogen gets depleted and it tends to utilize the fat deposits, which in turn trigger weight loss. Also, during the workout your body releases – Endorphins, hormones known to boost feel-good factor, which help enhance physical energy and mental alertness.


Since your body is stiff as you get up in the morning, your muscles will be colder. You’ll have to perform warm-up exercises to improve the blood flow and loosen the muscles.  If you don’t warm-up well, there are a risk of injuries. And, if you are not someone who likes to get up in the morning, sticking to the workout routine also becomes a difficult task.

Afternoon Workouts:


Your body is fueled up after the lunch and so is better prepared for the workout. Your muscles will be warmed up and so there’s less likelihood of an injury. Exercising in the afternoon boosts the blood flow to the brain, making you sharper for the afternoon duties. It’s the best time to perform some heavyweight exercises on commercial gym machines like – Recumbent Bikes, Elliptical etc.


You won’t be able to get a full workout if you have other important tasks to take care of.

Evening Workouts:


Sweating it out after a busy day takes out the stress, frustration, and anxieties while helping you unwind. You are usually not in a hurry during this time of the day and can focus on performing a variety of workouts on gym stations,  functional trainer centre, free weights weight training etc. In fact, exercising in the evening is a good way to gain muscle mass. What’s more, it helps promote sound sleep at night.


Random plans such as dinner meet or catching up with friends are some distractions that typically occur in the evening. This may cause you to skip work out. Also, after a tiring day at the office, you may not feel pumped to exercise.

Finding the right time to work out entirely depends on your schedule.  Some find it convenient to work out in the morning, some prefer it during the afternoon while a few others find evening regimen more accommodating. No matter what time of the day you exercise, ensure you are following the routine diligently. If you are on lookout for a specific fitness equipment for your home or gym, choose from the wide categories of workout machines available at Fitness World. Happy Exercising!