5 Bollywood Movies That Will Inspire You to Work Out and Get Fit!

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Bollywood movies have always rendered a great impact on the minds of people in India and across the world. While some movies have unrealistic storylines and showcase excessive glamor, there are some that inspire us and teach us a lesson, which we can implement in our real life.

And, since at Fitness World we always emphasize the significance of fitness in our blog, this time around we decided to enlist five Hindi flicks that highlighted the importance of fitness and sports and, illustrated how hard work can pay off eventually. We are sure you will too feel rejuvenated after reading this blog and will get inspired to set an exhaustive exercise routine to get fitter and live a healthier life. Read on:

1. Sultan

salman-khan-sultanSultan movie showcases the journey of a man named Sultan, portrayed by Salman Khan, who takes up wrestling to impress his love interest. Since wrestling is a tough sport, Sultan needs to develop a great deal of grit, determination, fitness, and endurance levels to master this sport. Salman Khan had to train harder to gain ripped biceps and a sculpted body to play the character. This movie is a sheer inspiration for budding sports enthusiasts!

2. Ghajini

Mr. Aamir Khan is inarguably the Mr. perfectionist! In this movie, he essayed the role of Mr. Singhania, a tycoon who had a lean yet muscular physique. Aamir worked out rigorously for three hours daily, six days a week for 13 months continuously to acquire the beefed-up look. This movie set the remarkable trend of eight-packs abs and inspired people to work out!

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Mikha Bhaag is one of those films that has inspired thousands of people in India to work on their fitness levels. This movie brilliantly captures the life a young and determined athlete, Milkha Singh, portrayed by Farhan Akhtar. The 40-something Akhtar sweated it out to achieve the athletic body. The movie detailed out that a great muscular endurance is a key to complete a training session successfully. The training session of Farhan Akhtar with a tire tied to him depicted in the movie will motivate you to run the extra mile!

4. Mary Kom

Though women are no less inclined towards fitness than men, this movie based on the life of Mary Kom, a world-renowned, Indian boxing legend served as an intensely motivating source of inspiration to countless women. It motivated them to work towards their fitness goals. Priyanka’s dedication to this role was commendable. She underwent a demanding 45-day training session to look athletic. The boxing scenes are particularly awe-inspiring!

5. Force

This action film is about a cop, who works in Narcotic Control Bureau. Actor John Abraham portrayed the role of a cop who takes on the distraught don, essayed by Vidyut Jammawal. As both the actors were required to look muscular to play their respective roles, the actors’ typical workout session included a weight lifting and licking boxing sessions. They also had a mix of cardio, compound, and isolation exercises. No wonder after watching the muscle-flexing and ripped abs of the actors in the movie, you will get pumped up to work out!

We sign off with these words by Jim Ryun, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”. Hope these movies inspire you to get fit and lead a healthier life! Happy exercising!