10 Tips to Stick to Your Resolution for Staying Fit in 2017

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Most of us make a New Year’s resolution every year to stay fit. However, after some point of time, we fail to keep up with it due to lack of determination. Let us not repeat the same story again. This New Year, determine to get healthy, strong and confident in a way you always wanted to be! Here are a few tips that will help you achieve your fitness goals in 2017:

1. Set realistic fitness goals

Stay modest in setting your fitness goals. For instance, it is impossible to drop two dress sizes in a month. Do not resort to strict diets and strenuous workout routines as it can affect your health. Instead, plan your meals and workout routines and take gradual steps towards achieving fitness goals. Slow and steady always wins the race!

2. Use your phone wisely

Nowadays there are many fitness apps that help you set your fitness goals and keep track of the calorie intake. You could follow some YouTube tutorials to learn new workouts.

3. Plan in advance for bad weather

On days featuring bad weather, make sure that you are staying active with an indoor physical activity. Head to a local indoor swimming pool or workout with a stationary exercise bike.

4. Select an interesting workout schedule

If you are fond of observing nature, take a bicycle on a trail to explore your neighborhood. Cycling is a low-impact physical activity that enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength.

5. Eat in smaller portions at intervals

Instead of eating a heavy meal, have healthy snacks at regular intervals. Consume some healthy food items like sprouts or salads and drink fresh fruit juices with no sugar added. Also say ‘no’ to processed food items as they are high in sugar and fructose corn syrup content, which can have devastating effects on your health.

6. Make exercise a social event

One of the ways to ensure you stick to your workout routine is to exercise with someone like a family member or a friend who is as committed to fitness goals as you are. This way you increase your commitment as well as accountability to stay fit.

7. Keep changing your workouts

If you follow same workout routine for too long, the novelty wears off. So change your workout after every 4 to 8 weeks. If you do cardio one day, the next day you can try out something different like kickboxing or yoga. It will help keep you motivated and make your workouts interesting.

8. Get active in household chores

Don’t be a couch potato! Stay active this year by doing some household chores. For instance, you can wash your car or get engaged in an activity like gardening. A manual car wash burns 143 calories in 30 minutes!

9. Look out for ways to increase mobility

If you wish to visit a local shop, go walking rather than taking a car or a bike. Take the steps instead of the escalator or the lift. It will help you burn more calories and improve cardiovascular fitness.

10. Participate in a half marathon

Running has many health benefits. This year register your name in a half marathon. Training for a marathon will greatly improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories and benefit your mind as well.