Yoga – A Gift To The Mankind

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Yoga has gained immense popularity in the recent years. You can see yoga institutes opening up around the locality. There are many online channels and websites that let you pull out the mat in the comfort of your living room. The benefits of yoga range from enhancing spiritual wellbeing, increasing flexibility to improving overall fitness.

Yoga for spiritual benefit: Our mind swings from one thought to another. Our experiences of the past and the presupposition of the future often bothers us and makes us anxious. We go through so many emotions –  fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust and surprise. It is important to balance our emotions and settle the mind. Yoga cleanses our mind and filters our thoughts, giving it the composure, it requires. A clean mind aids in increased concentration and focus. Yoga, which includes meditation, helps utilize the lesser used parts of the brain. This heightens our instincts and our potential to concentrate in the moment.

Apart from the mind, yoga strengthens the body and helps in weight loss as well.

Yoga for flexibility: Flexibility is an important aspect of overall fitness that most people tend to ignore. Flexibility is basically the ability of our body parts and joints to execute to their full potential.  The better our flexibility is, the more it is easier to perform daily activities.  Lack of flexibility can make your body prone to muscle injury and damage to the tendons and ligaments. Flexibility is also important for the circulation of nutrients and oxygen moving in the body. Practicing yoga on a daily basis can make your body more flexible, which means your body will be less prone to injuries. It will also improve the body posture and help relieve the tension from your muscles.

Yoga for fitness and weight-loss: Yoga strengthens muscles that support joints and help circulates synovial fluid in the joints. Performing time-tested yoga poses can help alleviate joint problems in knees, ankles and hips.

Those wanting to lose those extra kilos can also benefit greatly from yoga. Yoga increases your heart rate and burns fat. It reduces our stress levels significantly and helps us avoid comfort or stress eating. It, in fact, increases our mindfulness, so we are more careful about how and what we consume.

As we can see, there are various benefits of doing regular yoga. Adding yoga to our workout plan will definitely be fruitful. However, it is important to club this activity with healthy eating as it will go a long way in keeping yourself fit and healthy. So, exercise and eat right and you will definitely achieve your fitness goals.