Why Opt for Body Solid Series for Your Gym?

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Whether you’re just starting a gym business or in the lookout for the right pieces of equipment for your home-gym, you can’t go wrong with Body Solid series equipment. Not only are they affordable but they are built with high-quality materials and are known for their durability. Let us look at what Body Solid series has to offer and why it is the apt choice for your gym.

1- Cable Machines

Body Solid’s cable machines are designed to help users improve their strength, stability, balance, and neuromuscular coordination. It consists of adjustable pulleys that can be used with ease to deliver excellent fitness results. It has a sleek design and comes with impact-resistant fiberglass pulleys to ensure that you have a secure workout.

2- Cam Series

The state-of-the-art machines from Body Solid’s Cam Series are made from high-quality equipment and are designed to meet the heavy usage demands of gyms and fitness centers. It consists of machines that cater to the upper body, lower body, as well as core training for muscles. Each of these machines is ergonomically designed for extreme movements and to enhance muscle activation and efficiency.

3- Free Weight Benches

Body Solid’s free weight benches are renowned for their durability and ideally suited for heavy usage in gyms and fitness centers. Made from high-quality materials, these benches are sturdy and built to withstand heavy weight. They are designed to be versatile, easy to manage and provide superior level comfort.

4- Functional Trainer

When it comes to strength and resistance training, functional trainers are the most effective and versatile piece of fitness equipment. These machines allow you to work the most muscle groups in the widest variety of waysand are safe to use for all age groups that are capable of resistance training. They provide the option to isolate single muscle groups or to perform full body and functional movements with ease.

5- Gym Station

For people who would like to workout at the comfort of their own home, a gym station is the solution. With this machine, you don’t need any prior training as they are extremely easy to operate and one can start exercising without any help or support. Whether you want to tighten your hip muscle, flatten your abdomen, or strengthen up your chest muscles, Body Solid’s gym station has got you covered.

6- Multi-Press Racks

Any kind of free weight training is most effective when you feel safe enough to use heavy weights. A heavy-duty rack with easy-to-use adjustments will help you do exactly that. Designed for heavy usage, Body Solid’s multi-press racks offer a safe lift-off position to ensure that your weight lifting sessions are comfortable. Whether its bench press, dumbbell exercises, squats or lunges, these multi-press racks will help you get the most from your workouts.

7- Pro- Dual Series

Body Solid’s Pro-Dual series is designed for spaces with limited space options. The series includes eleven function specific dual machines that can be used as a stand-alone or be combined into a 4-stack multi-function gym. The series offers a number of workouts for your legs, back, abs, chest, bicep, triceps, and outer thighs.

8- S2 Series

The S2 series offers a number of supreme quality machines that ensures the highest fineness level for its users. Designed to be durable, some of the products in this range include bicep machine, arm curl machine, chest press machine, shoulder press machine, seated leg machine, and pec fly machine.

9- Plate load Series

For targeted muscle workouts with smooth friction-free movements, the Plateload series offers a perfect combination of durability and ergonomic design functionality. With the right set of workouts, you can achieve your desired results and set new benchmarks for your fitness. The series includes multiple machines, some of which are the bench-press machine, leg extension machine, seated row machine, shoulder press machine, and incline machine.

10- Proclub Line

You can literally set up an entire gym with the wide range of machines that Body Solid’s Proclub Line has to offer. Built with straightforward designs and easy adjustments, this series has compact machines that are easy to maintain and take up less space. Each machine is developed with advanced features that offer natural biomechanical movement so that you can achieve high-performance results without any strain or injury.

11- Series 7

Series 7 is a product of advanced biomechanical design, superior structural engineering, and meticulous quality standards. Designed for maximum muscle interaction, it consists of two Smith systems that allow for seamless upper and lower body workouts for your chest, shoulder, and gluteal. These machines also feature six Olympic weight plate storage posts to safely suspend plates off the floor.

The Body Solid Series is now available to buy at Fitness World. For inquiries, call 0120 4509000 or email at info@fitness-world.in.