Why Is It Important to Have a Good Posture While Running?

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When you tie your shoelace and set out for a run, you hardly think of the posture as your body settles into a natural rhythm. Poor posture can lead to muscle imbalance, fatigue, and pain. It is important to run in the correct posture to avoid the risks of injury and gain better results.

Maintain an upright posture while running. Keep your head high and back straight. Never look at the ground while running as it can cause strain in your neck and shoulders. Do not lean too forward or backward, try to remain as straight as possible. Running tall will help increase lung capacity, leading to increased endurance and a powerful running stride.

During running, the foot strikes the ground with a force double your bodyweight. With poor running technique, this force gets multiplied ten times. A combination of proper running technique and equipment can minimise the chances of injury. The motion of your arms should move straight in the forward and backward directions. Never allow your hands cross the midline of your body. Instead, they should swing freely.

Your hips should be in level without sideways movement. Minimize the amount of vertical displacement. Also, your feet should be pointed straight ahead. Focus on landing on your midfoot or ball of the foot. Relax before running, by doing so you will be able to reduce the pressure on your joints. A warm-up before the run will loosen your body. Start with a slow pace and later increase the speed.

Though each person’s running style is different, it is important to incorporate the right posture in that style. We hope this article has clearly emphasized the importance of having a good posture while running.  So what are you waiting? Tie your shoelace and get ready to meet your fitness goals!