Why Fitness World- CrossFit [FW-7518] is Perfect for Your Gym?

CrossFit machines have been riding high on popularity for the past few years now. This popularity has been spurred by the fact that these machines offer an entire body workout that cannot be matched by other means.

What’s more, a typical CrossFit turns a section of your fitness facility into a multi-purpose, customizable functional area. A CrossFit offers the best aspects of functional movements like – running, rowing, weight lifting, gymnastics and more.  They provide maximum workout to the body in the shortest time raising your metabolism by ample amounts leading to dramatic gains in fitness.

So, if you have been looking to outfit your gym with a Crossfit, Fitness World- Crossfit [FW-7518] would be the perfect pick for your gym. It certainly wins hands down for it features several functional accessories such as –

  • a punching bag to improve upper body movement and physical endurance,
  • a medicine ball rack that includes a set of rubberized balls to develop core strength and stability
  • an adjustable cable column that allows to perform several weight-bearing activities targeting abdomen and lower back muscles
  • parallel bars for upper arm swings. This help to strengthen and tone shoulders, co-ordination, and muscular endurance.
  • Kettlebell rack to enhance your core strength and spinal stability
  • Nylon strap handles for easier workouts.

With 1394 Kg, 2 weight stacks and a training area of 8200 x 8200 mm, this versatile machine is an effective option for strength and functional training. The more characterized training area means users get a comprehensive training at one place. The sturdy heavy gauge of this CrossFit is replete with a powder coating finish to prevent it from rusting, chipping, and scratching.

This CrossFit machine is available to buy at Fitness World’s showroom located at Delhi/NCR. What’s more, we offer free delivery and installation of fitness equipment at your facility. Post setup, we support you with Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). With this and more, there’s no doubt that the Fitness World- CrossFit [FW-7518] will make an incredible addition to your fitness facility!