Right Way to Choose an Equipment Supplier for a Health Club

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The fitness industry is full of fierce competition, to stay ahead in it, gym and club owners need equipment’s that are not only high in quality but also durable, innovative and trendy. Even an existing owner must consider buying new equipment’s or upgrading at some point. So, if you are planning to open a gym or already a health club owner and want to buy gym equipment’s, we give you a few tips to check before purchasing these from the right supplier.

But before you go ahead, ask yourself these questions…

What is your gym traffic and demographics?

Are you going to lease the equipment’s or buy them? Keeping in mind the fact that it needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.

How much are you ready to invest in the equipment’s that have the latest technologyfeatures?

Would you considerbuyingthe fitness equipment’s from a single or multiple supplier? If you select an exclusive equipment supplier’s often offer heavy discounts.

Once you figure out theanswers, you can then consider the following points before choosing a supplier.

1. A Fitness Equipment Supplier that Provides Quality Products

Quality and durability of the equipment’s are the most importance, ifyou cut corners now, you may end up paying in the future for its maintenance.Check the sound quality of the product by running it through by an expert.

2. Check for suppliers/manufacturer’s credibility

The supplier must be trustworthy and must be able to provide you with the correct information on the gym equipment you need. Find out about the supplier’s experience and his expertise by doing a background check. You can ask for references and read through testimonials/ reviews by previous customers.

3. Ask for After-Sales Services

Gym equipment’s need regular maintenance to keep it fully functional. Periodic servicing and regular checks help in its maintenance. Hence before purchasing find out about the extended warranties and the after sales service if the supplier is ready to give one. Compare the annual fee (if any)for all services they are providing, before you go ahead with the purchase.

4. Consider the Supplier’s Capacity

Machine quality is of utmost importance, hence check if the supplier is capable of sourcing you with all your requirements in the quantity you want. Also look for all other services they provide like some suppliers help you with complete gym-setups as well as gym related consultations. Most fitness-club owners look for warranty fulfillment and support as the maincriteria while choosing an equipment supplier.

5. Test the Supplier’s Knowledge

The supplier must be able to give you comprehensive information on the gym products, its specifications, use and care of the gym equipment’s, etc. Check the supplier’s knowledge on the market trend because a wrong guidance can mislead you to buy irrelevant products. The supplier must have a correct understanding on which gym equipment’s will suit your business based on the demographics, current trends, and usage pattern.

Understand the supplier’s capacity and reach across the market, clear all your doubts, communicate and negotiate the budget before you make the final commitment.