Offer your Guests an Amazing Wellness Experience

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Upgrading Health and Wellness Amenities

Hotels offering an exercise room or fitness facility increased from 63% in 2004 to 85% in 2016, therefore highlighting how hotels are adapting to this trend by offering fitness amenities. Adding fitness equipment like yoga mats, exercise balls and even treadmills to the room itself, allows guests to work out privately. Existing health and wellness facilities are being upgraded with new fitness classes, equipment, treatments, and amenities, with a particular emphasis on group activities like yoga or organized runs.

Light Commercial or Full Commercial Fitness Equipment

Depending on the estimated usage, property managers can choose from light commercial to heavy-duty commercial models of fitness equipment.

For example, here are standards from the commercial treadmill industry:


  • Light Commercial Treadmills

3 hours of usage per day.

  • Heavy-dutyCommercial Treadmills

6 hours of usage per day.



Usually, light commercial equipment is adequate for many customers in the hospitality industry, but it’s always good to take a second opinion from experts. Full commercial cardio trainers require low maintenanceand therefore area good investment in the long run.

Guest Demographics

The hospitality industry obviously caters to guests with a full range of ages, ability levels, and exercise preferences. Therefore managers should focus on selecting equipment that is not only space-efficient but one that also accommodates a wide range of guests’ skill levels.

For example:

If you offer an elliptical machine, then it should have resistance choices suitable for beginners as well as top athletes.


Steps should be taken to ensure that fitness equipment is accessible to more guests. Hotels that are striving to be ADA-friendly can choose specially designed “total access” fitness equipment. Design a fitness room layout that is ADA-friendly with the help of equipment vendors.

For example:

A multi-gym can have a foldaway bench for easy access by someone in a wheelchair.

Keeping 30-inch wide aisles helps ensure that a wheelchair can pass.

Today, travellers aim to enhance their overall wellbeing. Even when on the road, they aren’t willing to change commitment to health and wellness! A well-planned fitness space can earn loyalty and great reviews for a hotel, resort or spa. Choose Fitness World and get customized solutions for a seamless in-room wellness experience to delight your guests.