LIA Recumbent Bike – Making Workouts Effective and Comfortable!

Developing and maintaining an active and fit body is now easier than ever before with the LIA Recumbent Bike! Be it enhancing cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscle and lower back strength or toning overall body, this exercise bike offers it all to the rider without putting any strain on his or her knees and joints.

Right from rehabilitation training to some hard core athletic training, this recumbent bike with the 8 levels of resistance provides a customized workout experience to users of all levels. The contemporary design with the clear controls allows users to consistently challenge and push themselves to the next level.

LIA Recumbent Bike Is Here for The Long Haul

The LIA recumbent bike from Fitness World features a smart design and solid construction.  Unbeatable in terms of durability, performance, and quality, this bike is equally easy on the budget.

The back rest, padded seat, comfortable pedals, side seated handle bars etc. makes cycling on LIA recumbent bike a comfortable and an enjoyable experience. Other recumbent bikes available in the market have a smaller seat and backrest due to which people experience pain in their buttocks, hips, and knees.

And because it’s compact and easy to set up, you can place it in the drawing room, balcony, or office. The high-torque capabilities, manual magnetic power type coupled with new silent magnetic resistance technology ensures smooth and effective workout.

The LIA recumbent bike is a wonderful way to get started on your fitness journey. It offers optimum cardio for exercisers of all fitness levels and help burn pounds easily.

Try a session for 20 minutes three times-a-week on the LIA bike and build up from there and you’ll be amazed with the results.

This LIA Recumbent Bike is available to buy at Fitness World stores across India. Alternatively, you can walk into our 10,000-sq. ft. showroom in Delhi/NCR, which is the largest fitness equipment store in India!