How to Start Exercising and Commit to It

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Exercising as an activity can either evoke excitement or instant irritation depending on one’s need for doing it and their past experiences. If you see yourself belonging to the latter category, then you’re not alone.
A sizable number of adults quite dislike the idea of exercising but would still like to reap the benefits. However, there is no easy way around it so let’s figure out some practical strategies to start exercising and, most importantly, commit to it.
Set your priorities straight. Figure out what is your motivation behind exercising because this will help you cross the bridge once you get there. Your inspiration needs to come from within yourself. For example, “I want to incorporate more healthy lifestyle choices,” “I want to achieve a said fitness goal,” “I want to feel confident in my body,” etc. It is essential to remember that you should not base your motivation on a whim but rather on a conscious choice.
Prep-talk. It is easier to take the first step when you have made the necessary preparations beforehand. Make sure to research the type of exercise that would best fit your goal and what are the basic requirements for beginning this exercise. The prep can involve having access to the equipment you want to use, enrolling in a gym, appointing personal trainers, finding home workout videos, buying a yoga mat, training shoes, and workout clothes, etc.
Add it to your planner. It is so convenient to blame your laziness on a busy schedule, so do yourself a favour and add your workout timings to your calendar/planner. Show up as you would to any other meeting or appointment.
10-minute rule. If getting yourself to take the first step is proving to be more difficult than you assumed, then follow the 10-minute rule. Promise yourself that you will only have to work out for 10 minutes, and then you’re done for the day. This practice will allow you to get ready and show up, even if it is for 10 minutes. More often than not, you will end up exercising more than 10 minutes because you are already there and in the zone. If you don’t, then keep up with the 10-minute rule as it will motivate you at some point to increase your workout duration.
Warm-up and Recover. Ease your body into the workout by warming up using dynamic stretches, active movements, and mindful flexing. In the same manner, after a workout, give your body some time to recover by doing some low-intensity stretches and stress relieving moves.
Listen to your body. Despite your goals, ALWAYS listen to your body. Never push your body too far that you injure or exhaust yourself. Stop when you need to, rest when it is necessary, and stay hydrated. Nourish your body with healthy food that gives you strength and also accelerates your progress.
Kindness goes a long way. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so be kind to yourself. Do not compare your progress with that of others, do not put yourself down, and do not be discouraged if unforeseen situations set you back. It is A-Okay. You did it once, and you will do it again. Keep motivating yourself with positive thoughts, start to give love to your mind, body, and soul.
Reward yourself. Rewards act as incentives to do better, so motivate yourself using the reward system when you achieve a milestone. However, incentives do not need to be food-related. Find ways to steer yourself from binging just because you worked hard as that will backtrack you on your goal.
Make it stick. Plan your exercise when you feel the most energetic during the day, find a workout buddy, get rid of any obstacles, add triggers that help you exercise, and hold yourself accountable.
Make it enjoyable. Does the gym make you feel dreadful? Think outside the building. Engage in outdoor workout activities like running, hiking, martial arts, Zumba, outdoor yoga, horseback riding, swimming, football, cricket, basketball, etc. The choices are endless, so choose and stick to it.
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