How to Lose Weight by Cycling?

Not everyone like the idea of hitting the gym or working out regularly on a treadmill at home. For such people, cycling is an excellent form of exercise to lose weight steadily and healthily. According to the renowned fitness writer Selene Yeager, a 155-pound person will burn approximately 596 calories riding at 12 to 13.9 mph pace for an hour. To get the best out of your cycling and lose weight, follow these golden rules listed below:

Fuel your body before cycling

Before setting out on a ride, have a healthy breakfast to boost your metabolism. If you skip breakfast, you won’t get enough energy to perform better while cycling.

Follow a healthy diet

If you are planning to lose weight with cycling, make sure to eat healthy by including more protein and vegetables into your diet. Reduce junk food and sugar consumption. Stay hydrated for better results.

Choose the right gear

Before kick starting your mission to lose weight, make sure to buy the right bike and gear. Whether you want to buy the equipment online or through a local store, check if it suits your requirements and budget.

Do not overdress to sweat more

When you set out for cycling, avoid being overdressed. Wear the appropriate clothes and helmet before cycling.

Stay hydrated on the go

Losing weight by dehydration is not a good practice as it can deplete body’s fluid reserves. It might lead to life threatening issue. One should make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals while on the go.

Start at a slow pace

Make your weight loss journey enjoyable by starting off gently. Try out small rides in your locality first and then move on to roads. Slow and steady wins the race, therefore, increase your speed and distance gradually.

Cycling is a sociable activity. It offers a great workout and help burn calories with little impact on your joints. Never be disheartened if you don’t receive immediate results. Don’t consider the weight factor alone, in fact; cycling is also known to strengthen and build muscles. So keep calm and soon you will achieve your goals!