Hotels are Embracing the Fitness Trend to Keep Guests Fit While Traveling

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When it comes to the hospitality industry today, the requirements of travellers have extended past just a comfortable stay. There was a time when hotels having gyms were considered an optional amenity on a hotelier’s checklist. Today’s travellers eagerly look forward to experiencing something new in the world of fitness when staying at their property of choice. They are on the lookout for an opportunity to try the latest fitness equipment, classes, and supportive amenities.

What Is Driving this Change?

The fitness craze has long arrived and is here to stay. A study carried out highlighted how guests look for better workout facilities.With 48 percent of travellers ranking wellness as very important when choosing a hotel for business travel, hoteliers are now responding to such data to accommodate the needs of hotel guests.

There is a growing global demand among business travellers for beautifully designed, thoughtful spaces where they can peacefully spend their time—and increasingly, it’s focused on their well-being. Hotels are offering high-end equipment, accompanied by modern day designs and Instagram-worthy aesthetics in an attempt to bring in new guests and inspire entirely new revenue streams for hotels with concepts of fitness retreats and wellness getaways.

How Hotels are Keeping Up with This Change?

Hotel gyms are finally getting a makeover. Hotel fitness centres are not only growing in popularity but have to step up in terms of quality as well. Long gone are the days of cramped, poorly lit hotel gyms with few outdated equipment. Hotel gyms now have to keep up with their commercial fitness club counterparts. This means offering trending fitness options, along with a local trainer. Therefore, classes such as Pilates, Zumba, Spinning and other group fitness activities are being offered more frequently to guests.

Hotel fitness equipment is getting upgraded to more technologically advanced models. Expanding the entertainment options with individual built-in TVs, docks for iPods or smartphones and workout routine selections are gaining popularity. Adopting digitally smart machines are especially important in a hotel setting so that guests experience the same level of advanced equipment while traveling as they do at home.The needs of aging users should be considered during the construction of many hotel fitness centres. Setting up fitness equipment like cardio machines, ellipticals and recumbent bikes that provide low impact exercise are a good choice for this population.

The Hotel Gym of the Future

It is profitable to construct a hotel gym of the future that integrates wellness into every detail i.e. paint colours that evoke peace, natural lighting, calming acoustics, sophisticated air purification systems, cosy nooks, and more. Driven by the current trend in wellness designs, hotels are interested in building and designing in a setting that is healthy for humans, thereby having to meet an entirely new set of standards. For example, the fitness centre at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, has an exceptional 47th floor occupancy with a breath-taking view of Mount Fuji and has speakers constructed into the “body sonic” flooring.

When it comes to any travel experience, time is of the essence in any travel experience whether during a vacation or work trip. With tight schedules, guests expect the luxury of enjoying hotel amenities whenever they require them. For example, fitness enthusiasts expect flexibility, this means a gym that is open 24/7. More hotels are offering around-the-clock gym access and trained professionals to oversee the guests’ usage of the equipment.

It comes as no surprise that today the demand for wellness experiences while traveling is strong—especially relative to 10 years ago. Healthy is the new wealthy, and if taking a gym selfie is the new means of fitness motivation, then it is in the best interests of all hotels to take their wellness and fitness offerings to the next level.

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