Fitness World Helps Set Up a Top-of-the-Line Gym for Midtown Burn Gym

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Fitness World Helps Set Up a Top-of-the-Line Gym for Midtown Burn Gym

Fitness World – India’s leading fitness equipment brand, helped Midtown Burn Gym set up a world-class gym with heavy-duty equipment.

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, India November 17th, 2021:

Midtown Burn Gym, one of the most renowned and the biggest gyms in Bhubaneswar Odisha, has always been committed to pushing their customers to that extra mile so that they can achieve the best possible fitness results. This spacious gym is known for offering the best fitness services to its customers by hiring highly skilled and trained professionals that can perfectly and safely train their clients.

During their grand opening on 4th April 2021, they received extensive media coverage across Bhubaneswar, making them one of the highly sought out gyms in the area. As big and popular as Midtown Burn Gym currently is, the gym owner credits its success to the installation of world-class fitness equipment provided by Fitness World – India’s leading fitness equipment brand.

Mr. Gautam Chowdhury, the CEO of Midtown Burn Gym, said, “We owe our massive success, popularity, and customer sign-ups that we get on a regular basis to Fitness World. Before starting Midtown Burn, I had a vision in mind and that was to ensure that my customers get access to the most robust and advanced fitness machines out there. I left no stone unturned to find the perfect commercial gym equipment manufacturer. That is when I came across Fitness World and its extensive range of fitness machines. I expected state-of-the-art equipment, and I was not disappointed with the equipment lineup that Fitness World had presented me with.”

He further added, “Not only am I happy with the installation of the best fitness equipment in my gym, but I was also pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality of the equipment, the features each equipment offered, the finishing, and after-sale service. The delivery was on time and was managed seamlessly by the representatives of Fitness World. With the success of Midtown Burn Gym, I am now inspired and planning to open many more gyms across India.”

Fitness World has a 25-year old track record in setting up 14000+ commercial gyms across India. So, when it came to selecting the types of fitness equipment, Fitness World clearly understood the needs of Midtown Burn Gym, and what was required to ensure the customers get the best possible workout experience. Factors such as gym space utilization, flooring, customer safety, advanced features, and mechanism of machines were taken into account before the installation,

Based on these factors, Fitness World prepared a list of gym equipment, the overall budget for installation was planned accordingly, and supreme quality gym equipment was selected and installed in the gym. Out of the various fitness machines, the gym features Lucca treadmills with advanced features of -3% decline, innovative and stylish strength equipment from the Bugatti Series, and heavy-duty equipment from Plate Loaded Series. The gym also features cardio machines like Curve Treadmill, Sledge, Spin-Bikes, advanced Elliptical trainers, accompanied with high-quality fitness accessories, and workout benches.

With the installation of Midtown Burn Gym, fitness enthusiasts can look forward to an effective and safe workout experience that delivers optimum fitness results.

About Fitness World:

Fitness World – the adorable brainchild of a visionary – had humble origins in 1993 with the launch of a slimming machine. Over the years, the company’s range of world-class fitness equipment grew significantly.

Today, Fitness World is the preferred choice for fitness equipment in the home, corporate, institutional, and commercial segments. Fitness World is India’s Favourite Fitness Brand admired by millions of people across India.