Few Facts to Consider While Choosing Commercial Gym Flooring

When selecting a fitness equipment for our gyms, many of us pay great attention to its quality and durability. But do we ever seriously think the same when it comes to choosing commercial gym flooring? Purchasing flooring for a gym is a long-term commitment not to be considered lightly. Here are a few facts to consider while choosing flooring:


Gym floors are very sensitive and may experience constant wear and tear throughout the day. It could be due to heavy foot traffic or impact of the weight of a workout machine. Gym flooring should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand all these impacts.


Another key fact to consider when choosing flooring is safety features. Gym floor needs to have a smooth but ‘grippy’ surface to help reduce the chance of slipping and prevent moving of equipment during use. The thickness of the material should also offer good force absorption properties to safeguard against any damage caused by dropping of weights.


When it comes to flooring, ensuring maximum safety for members should be your top concern. A floor with no resilience or shock absorption properties like a plastic tile can transfer the full force of a user’s movements to their limbs and joints while he or she moves. Whereas a floor made of recycled rubber with high resilience and shock absorption properties will help relieve some of the pressure exerted by the user.


Hygiene is also a prime concern when it comes to choosing flooring. Your gym flooring needs to cope up with a lot of sweat and spillage. Therefore, select a flooring that is easy to clean and sanitize. A synthetic hard floor is a good choice. .


Easy repair and maintenance is another deciding factor in making the right choice. Knowing the monthly budget expenditure for maintenance is also equally important.

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