Body Solid Pro Dual Series: A Leap Ahead Of Other Fitness Equipment Providers

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Body Solid offers a wide range of quality machines for fitness enthusiasts in India. All products from Body Solid are renowned for their high-quality, durability and effectiveness.

The latest in line is the Pro Dual Series. These heavy duty machines are designed to pack a punch! They offer the ultimate strength training solution, targeting all major muscular groups for an effective workout.

Among the best modular gyms available in India, the Pro Dual Series is economically priced. They meet the requirements of gyms, fitness centers as well as home users. Let’s take a look at a few popular Pro Dual Series equipment:

DIOT-SF-PRO-DUAL-INNER-THIGH-OUTER-THIGH-570x570 1) DIOT – SF – Pro – Dual Inner Thigh Outer Thigh: Perfect for strengthening thighs, this machine will keep your back, butt and knees in shape. The no-slip hand grips assure the user of stability while exercising. Packed with a lot of features, this machine will ensure that your lower body is in shape.
DLAT-SF-PRO-DUAL-LAT-PULLDOWN-MID-ROW-570x570 2) DLAT – SF – Pro – Dual Lat Pulldown Mid Row: This machine will help you pursue a stronger upper body. The hold-down pads are adjustable and add stability for lifts beyond the body weight of the user. The gracefully curved frames with a modern atheistic design make it a superior, modular strength training system.
DPRS-SF-PRO-DUAL-MULTI-PRESS-570x5701 3) DPRS – SF – Pro – Dual Multi Press: This Multi Press from Body Solid offers you a variety of features at an economical price. The spun steel aircraft cables provide smooth movement, ensuring a safe workout to its user. A well-crafted chest, stronger back and well-toned muscular arms are what you can achieve with a regular workout.
DABB-SF-PRO-DUAL-AB-CRUNCH-BACK-EXTENSION-570x5701 4) DABB-SF- Pro – Dual Ab Crunch Back Extension: A well-functioning torso requires a chiseled abdomen and lower back. A workout of these muscle groups demands a consistent routine. This machine features an exceptional rotation that allows an almost accurate, crunch-style movement for maximum contraction of your abdomen muscles. This unique machine will help develop a well-built core by engaging your back muscles.
DPEC-SF-PRO-DUAL-PEC-DEC-REAR-DELT-570x5701 5) DPEC – SF – Pro – Dual Pec Dec Rear Delt: Develop a lean, muscular chest. Brace your developing shoulder muscles. This machine will help you get into a rhythmic movement that will target your muscles from various angles. Sculpting your chest and shoulder muscles was never this simple!

We encourage you to opt for equipment from the Pro Dual Series. We will provide you with guidance on how to buy this product. Our post-purchase servicing will leave you satisfied and asking for more!