9 Essential Tips You Must Know Before Jogging or Running

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Planning on running soon and reinventing your fitness and health? If yes, then you have made one of the best decisions of 2020. Given the current pandemic, it’s even more crucial to maintain physical wellbeing, and running will offer you just that. However, there are a few essential tips that you need to consider before you start running. Let’s quickly run through them, no pun intended!

1) The first thing you need to do before getting your jog on is to consult your doctor about running. This is an important first move you must take if:

  • You are 40 or older
  • Obesity is higher than normal
  • You haven’t exercised in a while
  • Have other health-related problems

2) Build up a daily routine of running slowly for at least 30 minutes and a minimum of 6 to 7 consecutive weeks. This will help you develop a habit and strengthen your knees and calves. For the first few weeks, it’s best to brisk walk instead of running. You can also compliment your walks with mild workouts instead of running firstly.

3)  After a few weeks of walking, you can start running outdoors. However, that might not always be possible due to COVID or weather restrictions. An excellent alternative would be to invest in home gym equipment such as Treadmills or Spin Bikes. This way, you can break a sweat at the comfort of your home, any time during the day.

4) Always give your body some time to cool off after you get done with a cardio workout. One great way to do that is by drinking water. Do keep a water bottle beside you while running.

5) Since you are going to be losing tons of body fluids during cardio workouts, drink plenty of water before and after running. However, be aware of a few things before consuming fluids:

  • Don’t overhydrate your body. Just drink enough to make you feel rejuvenated. Excess of anything is not good for your body.
  • To prevent overloading, have sips at regular intervals.
  • If you are planning on purchasing energy drinks, it’s better to avoid something that has caffeine or high sugar as they can increase your heart rate.

6) Every week, remove 1-2 days for rest. Remember, resting is an important aspect of improving fitness as it gives your body time to recover and strengthen.

7) If you are planning on running outside, here are a few guidelines:

  • Use Sun Creams as it can protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Avoid running on roads for safety reasons.
  • Head to your nearest park or jogging track to run and catch some fresh air.
  • When you start running, remove your mask as it may cause breathing issues.

8) Invest in a pair of decent running shoes to ensure a comfortable cardio workout, without injuries. While selecting shoes, ensure that the size isn’t too big or small, as it may cause discomfort while running.

9) Finally, ensure that you perform mild stretches before running. Some gentle warm-up exercises are hip rotations, knee circles, and ankle rolls. If you have joint issues, its best to invest in a Recumbent Stationary Bike. They are designed for you to not sit upright while working out. This takes the pressure of the knee joints, making it perfect for arthritis patients.

We hope you have gained a couple of noteworthy insights from this blog. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will not only get an effective cardio workout but will also ensure good health and overall wellbeing.

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