7 Tips for Selecting a Jump Rope

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If you are a person who prefers working out at home, then jump ropes can help you stay in shape. This inexpensive equipment ensures great cardiovascular stamina for the user. It also improves strength, hand and foot coordination. You can find jump ropes in a range of styles and designs.  Here are 7 tips to consider before selecting a jump rope:

  1. Determine the right size

Find a jump rope based on your height. An ideal jump rope should have handles that reach your shoulders. Choosing the right size ensures you exercise properly without any tripping often!

  1. Select a jump rope based on its purpose

Are you planning to use it indoors and outdoors? Do you wish to swap rope styles for variations in jumping? Select a jump rope according to your requirement.

  1. Get a jump rope based on your experience

Select a jump rope based on your level of experience. For example, a cloth jump rope is ideal for beginners. A weighted jump rope suits well for people who are looking forward to a challenging upper body workout.

  1. Choose the jump rope material wisely

Some jump ropes will last longer while others will wear out faster while jumping on hard and abrasive surfaces. If you wish to skip outdoors on hard surfaces, opt for PVC material or cable steel that are long-lasting.

  1. Select the right handle material

Cheap plastic handles have a tendency to bend or break after few months of usage. Buy jump ropes with hard shatter-proof plastic handles or light aluminum handles.

  1. Choose the right length for the handle

There are three lengths of handles: short, regular and long. Long handles are ideal for doing tricks as they provide you more rope for crossing movements. For a beginner, medium handles are perfect. If speed is what you are looking for, then short handles are better.

  1. Choose the right thickness for the handle

Thick handles are heavy and are recommended for cross fit workouts. The thin handle design is the lightest and gives you better speed for hopping. Medium handles lie between both.

Finding the right jump rope takes time and effort. With so many types of jump ropes to choose from, a wise purchase can yield better results. Fitness World has a variety of jump ropes that suit people of all ages. Click here to find more Fitness Accessories.