6 Tips to Stay Healthy During Diwali

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Diwali is around the corner, and it is not so easy to avoid those tempting sweets that add more sweetness to the festive occasion. Though all of us take a pledge for eating less, still our silly mistakes can make us gain more weight after Diwali.  Have a look at these 6 tips that help you stay healthy during Diwali.

  1. Avoid using white sugar and white flour for making sweets

While making sweets at home, opt for jaggery or brown sugar instead of white sugar. Also, avoid making sweets with white flour, try using wheat flour as it is a healthy alternative.

  1. Stay away from sweets made from reused oil

Most shops prepare sweets in reused oil, which contain traces of free radicals that are harmful to your body. Opt for sweets that are baked or steamed. You can try out the ‘diet mithais’ available in the market.

  1. Say ‘No’ to fizz this Diwali

When you are invited for Diwali parties, opt for fruit juices instead of aerated drinks. Though they can quench your thirst, the excess sugar content causes more harm than good.

  1. Keep a tab on your alcohol consumption

Diwali is the time for saying ‘cheers’ to your dear and near ones. Opt for beer over whisky or wine as it is less dehydrating. Avoid having cocktails as they are a combination of alcohol and juices with excess calories. Also, make sure to eat something healthy before having drinks as it will prevent snacking fried food while drinking.

  1. Increase your water intake

During the festive season drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day. It helps shed those extra calories stored in your body. Sipping water will also make you feel full, restricting the chances of overeating.

  1. Engage in some physical activity

Make sure to engage in some physical activity this festive season. Walk for at least thirty minutes every day. Cycling and swimming will also boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

We hope these tips will help you in making wise choices and stay healthy during the festival of lights. Fitness World wishes you a prosperous and happy Diwali!