6 Incredible Reasons to Use a Cross Trainer

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Are you looking for ways to achieve a full body workout whilst having low-impact on your joints? If yes, then cross trainers are the answer! Not only are they easy to use but they can also make workout challenging and fun. The cross trainer is a piece of stationary equipment which includes two handles and foot pedals. The workouts mimic the movement experienced when climbing stairs, walking or running. Below are six incredible reasons to use a cross trainer:

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1. Provides an Impact-free Workout

Cross trainer workouts are considered impact-free whereas jogging or working out on a treadmill are high-impact workouts. This makes a cross trainer an excellent alternative for people who are experiencing joint or knee problems because they exert less stress on your joints and muscles. There is no impact from the floor since your feet never leave the pedal and you use more muscles. Moreover, cross trainers help strengthen your muscle and bone density.

2. Safe and Easy to Use

Cross trainers are extremely simple to use. The amount of resistance you set on a cross trainer determines how much effort you will need to apply to keep your feet moving. The speed depends on your own movement. At any point, if you want to stop, all you have to do is simply stop moving and the machine stops with you. This gives you complete control over the speed and intensity of the workout.

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3. Get a Full Body Workout

A highly adaptive machine, the cross trainer can help you get a full body workout. The workouts can be tailored to target specific muscle groups. To work your chest, arms and shoulders, hold onto the handles and pump the handle back and forth. As you move your feet on the pedal, you will work your lower body. To target the glutes, simply increase the resistance. By letting go of the handles, you can work on your midsection and tone your torso.

4. Helps Muscle Recover Faster

Cross trainers can be used for recovery workouts for people who partake resistance training. Ensure that you keep your heart rate and resistance relatively low when using the cross trainer for recovery. This will help your muscles recover quickly and lead to an overall improvement in strength.

5. Burn More Calories and Accelerate Weight Loss

Working out on a cross trainer offers a great source of aerobic exercise and is one of the most effective machines to use for weight loss. You can burn more calories on a cross trainer than on an exercise bike or treadmill. An hour of workout can help you burn up to 800 calories. However, the precise number of calories burnt depends upon factors such as gender, age, and your current level of fitness.

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6. Enjoy Your Workout

Cross trainers have a variety of challenging exercise programs to make the workouts interesting. These programs are a combination of interval training that mimic hill climbing and resistance workouts. Many cross trainers also come with wireless heart rate control and heart rate monitors for you to optimize your workouts to your needs.

We hope the above-mentioned reasons will encourage you to use a cross trainer and make it a part of your training program. If you are searching for high-end elliptical cross trainers for your home gym, have a look at our range.