5 Winter Foods for Perfect Nourishment

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Following the winter fitness regime, today let’s look into some delectable nutrients for the season.
The drop in temperature drops your energy levels as well. When your body is exposed to low temperatures for a long time, it needs to conserve heat and energy. These extra efforts by your body slow down your metabolism. In this case, taking the stairs rather than the elevator may not help you as much. This is when rich and wholesome food comes into the picture. Food that not only fills you up but also matches up with your workout and keeps you fit.

Munch on Some Dry Fruits

Dry fruits undoubtedly top the list here! These warm and tasty edibles fulfill your health requirements in the best way possible. Dry fruits are high in fiber and protein that keeps the body warm. Consuming these also fills you up for a long time which saves you from the mid-evening hunger pangs! Dates, almonds, apricots, walnuts, prunes, figs and raisins are a few of these to name.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Greens

This season will make you witness a whole variety of greens in the market. Leafy greens are great for the health as it is known to all. But this season makes it the best time to make them a part of your daily meals. Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Eating these not only nourish your body but also work wonders for your skin.

Let Some Citrus Into Your System

Citrus fruits are a power-packed package of nutrients that add colour to your winter diet. The high amounts of vitamin C in these fruits helps you ward off the winter cold. Also, the different shapes and colors of these fruits make your platter more interesting and delicious. Eating these on a daily basis will regularize your hormones. So go ahead and gorge on some oranges, grapes, kiwis, lemons and more.

Spice Up Your Platter

As we all know, spices add flavour to your food. Moreover, who doesn’t like the aroma of ginger tea with cinnamon cookies and some pepper soup? They are excellent at warding off joint pains which are a common problem during winters. The consumption of spices also helps clear the mucus formed in the throat. They provide an excellent amount of antioxidants and vitamin C that fight against cold and cough.

Time To Tuck Into Some Sweet Potatoes

Now, these are great to load your body with high fiber. Sweet potatoes are must-haves in winters. They are enriched with high amounts of vitamin C that keeps cough and cold at bay. Sweet potatoes contain a high content of vitamin D present in them. Having them helps cover up for the lack of sunshine that leads to a lesser amount of vitamin D. They also help you in building up your immunity.

So go ahead and warm up for the winters in a fitter and healthier way. Make the most of it with more of our upcoming blogs to guide you through the season.